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شركة العقارات المتحدة تبدأ بالمرحلة الأولى من تسليم الوحدات السكنية في "أبراج حصة" في ضاحية حصة

22 يناير, 2024

في خطوة تؤكد التزامها بتسليم المشاريع التطويرية الكُبرى وفق الجدول الزمني المُحدد، بدأت شركة العقارات المتحدة (ش.م.ك-عامة)، الذراع العقاري لمجموعة شركة مشاريع الكويت القابضة (كيبكو) وإحدى أكبر الشركات العقارية في الكويت والشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا، بالمرحلة الأولى من إجراءات تسليم الوحدات السكنية في “أبراج حصة” ضمن مشروع ضاحية حصة لمُستحقيها، وذلك بعد إنجاز مرحلة البنية التحتية لشبكات خدمات المياه والصرف الصحي والإنتهاء من إيصال التيار الكهربائي الدائم إلى محطة الكهـرباء الرئيسة لضاحية حصة المبارك بشكل تام. وعليه، تعمل شركة العقارات المتحدة على إنهــاء الإجراءات اللازمة لإيصال التيار إلى مشروع “أبراج حصة” والتي من المتوقع إتمامها خلال شهر يناير 2024.


وتتمثل المرحلة الأولى باستقبال جميع مُلاك الوحدات السكنية في “أبراج حصة” في المشروع لمُعاينة وتقييم وحداتهم والحصول على المُوافقات من قبلهم قبل البدء بعملية التسليم النهائية. وذلك حرصاً من شركة العقارات المتحدة على تقديم فرصة السكن في مشروع متكامل ينسجم مع أرقى أساليب الحياة العصرية للعملاء.

On this occasion, the Chief Property Management Officer, Engineer Abdullah Al-Sultan, said: “As the date of handing over the keys of the residential units to their owners approaches, I would like to confirm that our responsibility towards our customers continues beyond the sales stage, through a series of services that we will provide to residents in order to enhance the standards of quality and excellence in our projects and deliver added value. These include cleaning, security, maintenance, and many other integral services.”

Engineer Abdullah Al Sultan | Hessah District  

Engineer Al-Sultan added: “The residential units in Hessah Towers have witnessed a surge in demand, driven by several factors, the most prominent of which are: the strategic location of the project and the attractive environment for integrated living that combines housing, work, healthcare, shopping, and entertainment. These units were developed with the aim of improving the residential offering in Kuwait be providing a dynamic atmosphere full of movement and life, driven by exclusive proximity to luxury shops, restaurants, clinics, and offices. The integration of these modern facilities in one district results in an ideal living experience that achieves the highest standards of quality of life.”


Engineer Al-Sultan concluded by saying: “Hessah Towers is unique in its inclusion of smart technology and fiber-to-home connectivity that sets a precedent for connected living, crowning it as the smartest residential building in Kuwait. Indeed, we are confident that Hessah Towers will establish new standards at the level of real estate development projects in the country.”


The hallmark project of the vibrant Hessah District, Hessah Towers overlooks the Arabian Gulf and the Kuwait City skyline from its location in the Capital Governorate. It consists of two identical 40-storey residential towers, the tallest in the State of Kuwait, and houses 3-bedroom simplex and duplex apartments. Each apartment boasts smart technology, fiber-to-the-home broadband internet connectivity, floor to ceiling windows, and sweeping views of its surroundings, making it a unique residential experience that redefines luxury living by combining elegance with convenience.


Hessah Towers will offer a variety of private facilities and services, including a fully equipped residents-only fitness centre which encompasses a gym, a dedicated yoga zone, and swimming pool. Facilities also include a multi-purpose hall, cafeteria, and living room. For lovers of outdoor activities, there is a terrace garden and a designated barbecue area. Children’s interests are also considered, with an indoor and outdoor play area and pool designed for their use. The project will also be equipped with twenty-four-hour security and concierge services, to protect and assist residents and their interests. Multi-storey parking for residents and their guests, along with pick up and drop-off points, completes the contemporary residential experience.


Further adding to its delivery of a luxury lifestyle to its exclusive residents is its immediate proximity to various high-end commercial activities, including stores, retail stores, restaurants, cafes, hotel apartments, medical clinics, and commercial offices.


It is worth noting that the keys to the residential units will begin to be handed over to the owners in a sequential manner during the month of March 2024 after completing the necessary approvals to operate the facility from the responsible government bodies.




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